The Greatest Player in Panthers’ History?


You be the judge.  That’s what ESPN (the Yankees/Red Sox/Cowboys/Brett Fravre Network) asked readers of their Disney-ized website to do.  (Our thanks to Daniel Evans at NFL Mocks for the heads up.)

Fans of the Carolina Panthers chose Steve Smith as the greatest player in team history.  He beat out the likes of Julius Peppers, John Kasay, Jake Delhomme, and even Sam Mills.  There is no reason to be shocked, necessarily.  Steve Smith is a great player.  But…

Sam Mills is still considered royalty here in the Carolinas.  And is there no love for Julius anymore?

I’m not exactly saying that any of those players are the best in the team’s history but they should have at least been given some consideration.  But the people have spoken and Steve Smith has received a mandate by winning by 23.5 percentage points.

Here’s what should provide some head scratching moments for all of us.  Below are all the choices fans from around the NFL made for their teams.

49ERS: Joe Montana

BEARS: Walter Payton

BENGALS: Anthony Munoz

49ers – Duh!

BILLS: Jim Kelly

Bears – What did you expect?

Bengals – A lineman?  Wow!  No Kenny Anderson?

BRONCOS: John Elway

BROWNS: Jim Brown

Bills – Like that shocks anyone!

Broncos – No surprise.

Browns – Absolutely!  One of the best players ever.

BUCS: Derrick Brooks


CHARGERS: L. Tomlinson

Bucs – Eh.

Cardinals – Helps to be in the Hall of Fame.

Chargers – LT is great but Fouts, Bambi, Kellen Winslow and others – where are they?  Behind LT!

CHIEFS: Derrick Thomas

COLTS: Peyton Manning

COWBOYS: Emmitt Smith

Chiefs – Yup!  Great one!

Colts – Would have guessed that one?

Cowboys – Where’s Staubach?  Dorsett?

DOLPHINS: Dan Marino

EAGLES: Reggie White

FALCONS: Deion Sanders

Dolphins – DUH!

Eagles – Great player!  Greater man!

Falcons – Makes sense.

GIANTS: Lawrence Taylor

JAGUARS: Fred Taylor

JETS: Joe Namath

Giants – The original LT.

Jaguars – Why not?

JetsTHE most overrated player in the history of the National Football League!

LIONS: Barry Sanders

PACKERS: Brett Favre

PANTHERS: Steve Smith

Lions – I’d take him on my team anyday!

Packers – You didn’t expect them to choose players with multiple titles, did you?

Panthers – See above.


RAIDERS: Marcus Allen

RAMS: Marshall Faulk

Patriots – Sure, why not?

Raiders – I can think of a few others.

Rams – Probably.

RAVENS: Matt Stover

REDSKINS: Darrell Green

SAINTS: Bobby Hebert

Ravens – A kicker?  Ray Lewis…HELLO?!!

SEAHAWKS: Steve Largent

Redskins – He got the Hall of Fame Induction bounce.

Saints – Is their franchise’s history that sad?

STEELERS: Terry Bradshaw

TEXANS: Andre Johnson

Seahawks – Absolutely!

*TITANS: Earl Campbell
*Formerly Oilers

Steelers – I guess but what about Franco, Swann, Stallworth, Lambert, Green?

Texans – Who else did they have to choose from?

VIKINGS: Fran Tarkenton

Titans – One of the baddest S.O.B.’s to ever put on a uniform!

Vikings – Sure, why not?