CCR 24: Special Guest – Stephen Davis!


Cat Crave Radio is back with special guest Stephen Davis!  We’d like to thank Stephen for taking time to talk to us.  He’s still “The Man” among Carolina Panthers fans, and rightfully so!  It was an interesting conversation.

Also, this week’s show includes the usual Rant Or Rave and The Top Five – this week, it’s our obvious predictions for the NFC South.  And we pay tribute to Hall of Fame guard and head of the NFLPA, the late Gene Upshaw.


Episode Twenty-Four: August 24, 2008

In Episode Twenty-Four…

  • News – Preseason Game Three Versus the Redskins
  • Rant Or Rave
  • Special Guest – Stephen Davis
  • Tribute to Gene Upshaw
  • The Top Five – Obvious NFC South Predictions for 2008

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