Power-less Rankings


Some time back, the boss sent me, and all of the Fan Sided bloggers, an email asking us to provide him a list of all the NFL teams and how we felt they would finish the upcoming season.  Today, that list is on Ball Hype as a composite list – a Power Ranking.

I tried my best to avoid the homerism that is so widespread among sports fans.  Of course, I’m not a Cowboys fan either.

So, I ranked the Carolina Panthers tenth.  I was simply trying to be realistic about ’08.  Do I think they can do better than that?  Yes.  Does everyone else?  Obviously not.

Overall, the Panthers were ranked 19th.  The highest ranking our team received came not from me but from the Lions blogger who has them ranked 8th while the worst ranking they received came from the Jaguars blogger who has them ranked 31st.

Sometimes, I wonder why we bother to play the season.  It’s already been decided in the power rankings anyway, right?