Attention: Carolina Panthers Please Read This!


Dear Carolina Panthers,

I am a fan.  End of story.  I can’t help it.  I just am.  You guys tore me up Sunday.  That was like watching a train wreck.  But I still believe you are capable of good and even great things this season.  I really do.

I went and put my money where my mouth is to prove it.  I did a guest spot on a New Orleans Saints podcast.  If you want to hear it, click right here and then you can even fast forward to about the 20 minute mark.  It’s done.  It’s out there now.

Nola Chick, Mother Hen and everyone at Chicks in the Huddle are really cool people but they want me to do something really, really bad if their Saints beat you guys this week.  I’m just not prepared to do it, okay??

Here’s the wager.  It’s pretty simple.  If the Saints win, I have to write a list of the top ten things I love about the Saints and they have to write a list if you guys win.  This ain’t rocket science.  Just go out there and beat the Saints for me and I’m off the hook.  Please?

If I have to write this list I’m not supposed to even be sarcastic.  I’m supposed to sound all sincere.  If that happens, I’ll never feel as if I can wash it off of me.  I’ll have to take like twelve showers.  Man, I’ll feel dirty.

So, I’m asking.  Shoot, I’m begging you to beat the Saints Sunday!

Thank you, Panthers.


A Worried Fan