You Betcha!


Nola Chick, our friend over at Chicks in the Huddle has paid off her debt.  She made good on the bet we made.  I’m so proud!

She has written her list of the top ten things she loves about the Carolina Panthers.  It’s all because the Panthers put the smack down on her New Orleans Saints this past Sunday.

There are very few things better than winning a bet and one of them is doing it while your team beats the snot out of the other person’s team.  After the jump, you’ll find her list.

Why I Love the Panthers…

10. The Panthers’ Bank of America Stadium is located on Morehead St. (Hehe…More-head.)

9. Jake Delhomme’s Cajun accent makes me think of cajun food, which makes me think of Jacquesimos, which makes me think of that time I went to Jacquesimos and got really drunk, then went next door to the Maple St. bar and got drunker and made out with this guy I used to work with. Nice.

8. Charlotte’s got a lot! Don’t believe me? Check out

7. Their mascot is a little pussy. No really..his name is Sir Purr, and he’s the cutest little pussy on the block.

6. Their cat theme doesn’t just apply to their mascot. They’ve got a newsletter called The Roar and their cheerleaders are called “Top Cats“. Yay for consistency!!!

5. Speaking of cheerleaders, no other team can claim their cheerleaders got arrested for having sex in a bathroom. Now that’s something.

4. Their website is sponsored by Pepsi. Mmmm….the choice of a new generation.

3. Two words: Sam Mills.

2. Their fans range from this…

to this…

to this…

1. They’re not the Falcons

Let it never be said that Nola Chick is not a woman of her word.