Do the Math!


I’m about to throw some fancy-shamncy new math at you so hold on.

1 win over the Cardinals + 1 loss by the Buccaneers in Dallas = First Place!

Carolina Panthers fans were dragged into the gutter today as they were forced to root for their Panthers while also rooting for (GASP!!!!) the freakin’ Dallas Cowboys!!  BLECHT!!!!

Lucky for us, while our team was coming from behind in inspiring fashion, the Dallas Cowboys were pulling their heads from their own nether regions to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The good news didn’t end there.  Atlanta was dealt a blow today when they lost to the Philadelphia Eagles.  Sure, New Orleans won in London but it still all adds up to standings that look like this:

Carolina 6-2

Tampa Bay 5-3

Atlanta 4-3

New Orleans 4-4