Strangest Week Prior to a Game Ever?


There is a game to be played Sunday against the Oakland Raiders.  The Carolina Panthers have been preparing for this game all week.  It’s too bad that this has been one of the strangest weeks leading up to a game in the team’s history.

We start with owner Jerry Richardson.  The 72-year-old executive was admitted to the hospital late last week with an irregular heartbeat.  The news came this Wednesday that he had been given a pacemaker defibrillator to help regulate his heart rate.

The outcome sounds encouraging.  Richardson was expected to be released by today and should resume his normal activities soon.

Our thoughts and prayers are with your, Mr. Richardson.

It didn’t end there.  Speaking of owners, Al Davis, the (insert adjective implying certifiably insane here) owner of the Raiders decided that all of those big, fat paychecks he threw around a few months ago were just too freaking big.

That’s when he made the brilliant decision to start cutting players.  He decided to start with DeAngelo Hall on Wednesday.  His huge $70 million contract started looking too big for the crazy man with his glasses on that classy chain around his neck.

Maybe he didn’t want to see DeAngelo get burned time and time again by Steve Smith.  That was inevitable.  Instead he let him go and now he’s a member of the Washington Redskins.

Oh, no, things weren’t over.  All our talk about getting Ryan Kalil and Jeff Otah back on th field?  Add Jonathan Stewart to that list now as it was revealed this week that he has a heel injury and has missed practice several times this week.

The team was flying into Crazy Town Friday so he didn’t have to worry about it.  I’m sure he was given extra pillows and a spare seat in first class so he could rest his foot.

And the final straw came from the website Straight Cash Homey.  You’re going to love this one!

What was this guy thinking?  I suppose all the best captions have already been used.  Either way, this picture was taken the same week that the Panthers were playing the Arizona Cardinals at home.

If that is you in this photo, please leave that jersey at home from now on, please!  You’re embarrassing yourself.

What a week!  Let’s hope this doesn’t keep up Sunday.