JaMarcus Russell Staying At Home to Count His Diamonds


Our Carolina Panthers are scheduled to meet the Oakland Raiders.  The problem could be that the team we see on the field in the silver and black will likely look like scabs who crossed a picket line.

JaMarcus Russell is likely out of Sunday’s game with right knee tendinitis.

We already know that DeAngelo Hall will be out since he’s…um…no longer a Raider but a Redskin and Darren McFadden will probably miss a third game with a toe injury.

There is no truth to a rumor making the rounds that Russell dropped one of his bracelets on McFadden’s toe.  We’ve got pics so move on past the jump.

If he did drop that thing on your toe you might be out of the lineup for weeks.

While he’s standing on the sidelines this weekend, do you think he’ll be dressed like this?