A Gamble Paid Off


The Carolina Panthers made the first of three deals necessary to keep the core of their team together on Friday.  They signed Chris Gamble to a contract extension believed to be for six years.  A Denver television station has reported that the deal could max out at $54.55 million, with $23 million in total guarantees, including $16 million in guaranteed roster and signing bonuses.

That’s some serious coin flow for a guy who has been solid.  Go back and re-watch this season’s games.  Teams tend to shy away from Gamble’s side of the field.

He spoke to reporters via a conference call.

"“I wanted to be with Carolina. I didn’t want to be with any other team,” said Gamble. “I like the organization, the coaching staff, my teammates and the fans. I wanted to get it out of the way. … I just feel very comfortable and welcome here. I just love it here.”"

The team still needs to work out deals with left tackle Jordan Gross and defensive end Julius Peppers.  I highly doubt they want to get into bidding wars for either of them.