Jon Beason: We’re Going to Come Out Faster


There is an interesting blog over at Jon Beason’s website.  This week, the Carolina Panthers middle (mike) linebacker has a lot to say about the team’s Monday night showdown against Tampa Bay.

One of the problems the team has had (as evidenced in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago) is that the team isn’t starting fast.  Beason says we’ll see a different beginning to this crucial game.

"Monday night, there won’t be a question that we’re going to come out faster. There’s no way you can go out there and not start fast in a game like this, the magnitude, the stage, what’s at stake. Everybody’s going to be watching.There’s so much at stake for us and for Tampa, it’s time to show the whole country that we’re Super Bowl contenders, that the road to the NFC title is going to start down here in the NFC South."

If the team can just play loose and have some fun, the start to this one should look like just the opposite to the Atlanta fiasco.  The last few weeks have been frustrating as a fan.  Beason spells that out for us.

"We had a tough couple of weeks and I just can’t put my finger on why. I wish I could just say it was one guy or one bad call, but we tried different things, changed our schemes, made them more complex, then not as complex. Still, for some reason teams had some success against us. When we pulled out that win against Green Bay it was more like a “Thank God” feeling than an “Oh My Goodness.” We dominated in the first half, just like we expected to, then in the second half they started to move the ball and had some big plays and we started to second guess ourselves. Then we won and it was like, “Wow, the offense bailed us out again.” Hopefully this weekend it will be the defense’s turn. We’ve got a big game against Tampa Bay at home on Monday Night Football and I think it’s just a matter of getting back to basics, having fun and believing in our schemes, just letting it all hang out."

Amen, brother!  Go out there, play hard and tough, bust ’em in the mouth and show ’em that you guys mean business!  This is THE stage to prove to the NFL and the fans that the Carolina Panthers are 9-3 for a reason.  This hasn’t been a mistake, it’s been earned!

Our tackling machine had more for us.

"Anyway, we have a really good group of coaches and players, and when you have that kind of group God is in your favor. I’ve got a lot of respect for Jon Gruden, to me he’s an offensive guru or genius. It’s going to be a fight against Tampa, and could come down to a battle of wills and preparation. That’s where we want to be—where preparation meets will."

Having respect for your opponent is a good thing.  Just respect them while you’re making them take the punishment you dish out and the numbers on the scoreboard will be in your favor.

Man, I can’t wait!  Yes, I am ready for some football!!!