Attention! We Have Bulletin Board Material!


You’re about to play the biggest game of your season.  Week sixteen’s matchup will decide the number one seed in the NFC and you get home from practice and decide to check the headlines on the web.  Here’s what you run across:

"“Let me get something straight, we’re still No. 1 in the league,” [Brandon] Jacobs proclaimed of the Giants’ rushing attack. “The last couple games, three games we played haven’t been very good and we’re still No. 1 in the league. No matter how many yards some team chunk up we were that far ahead.”"

Would this be a great time for John Fox to be quoted as saying, “Stats are for losers?”  Seems like it would.

Mr. Jacobs, the team from Carolina has more class than this.  They’ll keep their feelings to themselves.  If they are to do any talking it will be done on the field, okay?

What is it with you Giants players anyway?  First, your teammate, Justin Tuck calls the Panthers the best team in the league and now you question their running game.  You should have all compared notes before speaking.

You might want to be careful, Brandon.  Remember you’re playing on a bad PCL which has already caused swelling and some missed time.  It would be a shame if your ego got bruised badly on Sunday too, wouldn’t it?