Imagine, a Southern Boy in the Times!


That headline seems to come out of left field and might not make much sense.  But, there it is, big as life in the New York Times.  Wow!  I could hardly believe it myself.

"I have 100 words. Justin Tuck had two words this week for the Panthers — “best team.” Did he mean it? Probably not. We know two things: 1) Carolina is improving and 2) New York isn’t. Will there be a reversal of fortune on Sunday or more of the same? Either way, someone will walk out of the Meadowlands with home-field advantage and someone will just walk out. Defense will be critical but the quarterbacks will decide it. Can Eli succeed without Plaxico? Can Jake play mistake-free football? Spoiler alert!! More playmakers for the Panthers equals Southern cooking during the N.F.C. playoffs. Carolina, 17-10."

That’s what an old southern boy wrote and what was made available to be read by anyone visiting the Times’ website.  Now, let’s hope the Carolina Panthers can back up my words.  I think they will.

—  A big tip of the hat to John Woods of the Times for inviting me to write for their fine publication.