A Quick Look at the Playoffs


The NFC playoff field is set and the matchups for the first weekend of the postseason look like this (more detail later):

5.  Atlanta Falcons


4.  Arizona Cardinals

Is there anybody living today who would have even suggested that this matchup was possible in the playoffs?  Anybody?  Doubtful.

Arizona comes in as the four seed simply because they won the worst division in the league – unless you’re counting the AFC West.  They have that explosive passing game with Kurt Warner but they can’t do much else.  They have acted as if they were just happy to be in the playoffs since they got the word they had qualified.

Atlanta is another story.  The turnaround is complete.  From a four-win season to an eleven-win season and a wild card berth.  That could have easily been a division title.  Michael Turner, Matt Ryan and Roddy White have to be licking their chops getting ready to play the Cardinals defense.

6.  Philadelphia Eagles


3.  Minnesota Vikings

The butt whooping that the Eagles just put on the Cowboys is either a sign that they could be a dangerous team or a sign that the Cowboys really wanted to hit the links a week early.  With their defense and Donovan McNabb, they have a shot.  Watchout for this bunch.

Minnesota – you remember them, don’t you?  They are the same team that our Panthers had a 10-0 lead on only to not score another point and lose 20-10.  Jared Allen has to be one of the happiest guys in the country having escaped Kansas City to land with the Vikings and be in the playoffs.