Success Leads to Losses


Last Sunday when the players were clearing out their lockers and headed home for the off season, they all made similar statements about how they knew the ’09 version of the Carolina Panthers would be different.

Maybe they knew something we didn’t and maybe it’s just an inevitable part of the game or the business of professional football.

Already, only one week after the stinging loss to the Arizona Cardinals, the Panthers appear headed toward losing one of the game’s premier pass rushers.

Now, you can add a coach to the losses.

Quarterbacks Coach/Passing Game Coordinator Mike McCoy is apparently headed for Denver to join Josh McDaniel’s burgeoning coaching staff.  He will be either the Broncos’ offensive coordinator or quarterbacks coach.

He was passed over when the team added Jeff Davidson as their offensive coordinator two years ago.  Now, he will very likely get a chance to prove himself in a new city.

Win a lot of games and this sort of things happens.  It seems that success always leads to losses.