Man, That Was a Close One!


We hired a defensive coordinator Monday afternoon.  Ron Meeks!  And guess what?  It could have been a disaster.

Yes, the team could have hired Herm Edwards.  Herm, or as he is referred to in Kansas City “Harm,” Edwards is a friend of John Fox.  That connection nearly cost us all a lot of sleep and would have undoubtedly caused ulcers.  Gastroenterologists all over the area would have had a booming business.

Very interesting article over at Arrowhead Addict today about the man many Panthers fans wanted us to hire.  They listed the top ten Hermisms:

"10. “If you’re looking for credit for a job well done, go to the bank.”9. “We’ve got a bunch of guys. We’re OK. Only one guy can carry the ball at a time, so we’ll be OK.”8. “I’d say 85% of it is done now.” (Herm on how close the Chiefs are to competing following the season)7. “I can’t tell you what happened. I haven’t watched the tape yet.” (after a loss)6. “The only good thing about this — it’s only one season. It’s not a bunch of seasons.”5. “Hey Rook, get me some Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I like em Hot Hot — Hot!” (from HBO’s Hard Knocks)4. “I kept asking my wife about 1 o’clock. We won right?” (after the first Denver Broncos game last season)3. “You do what’s best for your team…throw passes and get (the quarterback) killed. Are you kidding me? For what? That’s ridiculous.”2. “When we score seven points, I’ll say we’re slow starting. If we score 21 points, I’ll say, whoa, we scored a lot of points. 30 points. That isn’t even a football game. That’s Arena Football.”1.“This is what’s great about sports. This what is the greatest thing about sport is You play to win the game. HELLO? You play to win the game. You don’t play to just play it. That’s the great thing about sports. You play to win, and I don’t care if you don’t have any wins you go play to win. When you start to tell me it doen’t matter, then retire. Get out. Cause it matters.”"

We already endure enough non-answers from John Fox and his Foxisms but he usually makes sense.  He’s just trying not to answer the question.  One of these quotes from our DC and I think we would all need some Dramamine.

Man, that was close!