The Longest Sunday


Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday.  Should we be happy that it’s time for the big game or just be glad the nightmare is nearly over?

You know it.  I know it.  The Carolina Panthers should be in Tampa, Fla.  But they’re not.

That means enduring more than 6 hours of pregame programming on NBC and what promises to be a four and a half hour game.  Those six hours of pregame will include at least 20 references to how the Cardinals whipped the Panthers and at least as many highlights.

How will we make it through seeing one of the five Jake Delhomme interceptions 20 times?

But, for the football purists in the group, we know we have to watch.  It’s the Super Bowl, right?

Honestly, I could preview the game and talk about who would win and why.  I won’t.  Frankly, I’m not sure I care enough.  So, I’m giving you the two best destinations for information on this game.

The Arizona Cardinals every move have been covered in detail over at Raising Zona.  Trust me, If they said it or did it, Scott A. has written about it.

And if you’re looking to be beaten over the head with Pittsburgh Steelers analysis, be sure to visit Nice Pick CowherChris will inform you of every move of the Black and Gold (I say it’s yellow and not gold but I’m splitting hairs).

Go check those guys out.  Then watch the game tomorrow with a bottle of aspirin and some Maalox.