Mr. President, Bail Us Out!


Until we hear something – finally – on a contract for Jordan Gross and the news that Julius Peppers is franchised, you would expect little or no news.  Oh, maybe the little stuff.  Housekeeping.  Nope.

"The Panthers announced Tuesday they’ve made about 20 employee layoffs.Team spokesman Charlie Dayton didn’t specify which employees or departments were affected, but released this statement:“There have been layoffs with the Carolina Panthers as a result of downsizing and restructuring. The NFL is not immune from the current economic conditions and these are very difficult decisions designed to help the organization move forward in the most efficient manner possible.”  (Charlotte Observer)"

Is bailout money coming to the NFL?  Didn’t the commissioner just take a paycut?  Are we all going to have to eventually go live in a commune?

Then, the team also informed us of a retirement.

"In an unrelated move, Donnie Shell announced his retirement from the Panthers and the NFL.Shell, who played safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers, worked the past 15 years for the Panthers in community and player development.He was a five-time Pro Bowler for the Steelers and helped them win four Super Bowl championships in the 1970s.He has been a valued member of the Panthers’ organization, helping players plan for their post-football careers. The award that annually goes to the NFL’s best player development program is named after Shell."

We wanted to look more like the Pittsburgh Steelers.  We look less like them now.