Johnson Restructures As Cap Moves Begin


With the drama of last week in the rear view mirror, the Carolina Panthers went about taking care of some other business to get under the salary cap on Tuesday.

"The Carolina Panthers are planning to keep linebacker Landon Johnson and are reworking his contract to save approximately $1 million in salary cap space for the 2009 season.The Observer has learned the deal is imminent, though not yet final.There has been speculation that the Panthers would release Johnson, but that would’ve saved them about the same amount of cap space that they’ll be getting with the changes to his contract."

Sounds like a no-brainer if the team gets some production from Johnson next year.  The math adds up so no issues here.  Maybe this time next year we’ll be talking about how Johnson beat out Na’il Diggs.  Who knows?

Could there be more moves coming?  Is Ken Lucas about to have his deal restructured or is he going to me given a pink slip?

Friday is the deadline so we should know a lot more by then.