Cooler Heads Have Not Prevailed


How do you think NFL teams will reacting after this weekend?  Likely by trying to balance checkbooks that are swimming in red ink.

Huge money is getting thrown around as if much of the economic bailout money had been given to the NFL and it’s teams.

The biggest surprise?  Check out the deal that former Carolina Panthers OL Frank Omiyale signed Friday with the Chicago Bears.

Here’s what he was given – a $5.5 million signing bonus as part of a four-year deal worth between $11.5 million and 14 million.

This is for a guy who has started one game in his very brief NFL career.  Yes, one game!

The Panthers could use him, sure.  The depth he provides the offensive line is valuable to say the least but those kinds of dollars?

Meanwhile, Carolina is sitting idle hoping the market cools off so they can at least pick up a few of the remaining crumbs after the rest of the league has spent insane amounts of cash.

Cooler heads, however, have yet to prevail.