Just Say No to T.O.


So, Me O. is now a free man after being released by the Dallas Cowboys, huh?  You know what that means.

Fans of every single team in the league (except for Philly and San Francisco) will be screaming in anticipation that their team will sign the former Cowboys receiver.

Not me.

The Carolina Panthers don’t need this guy.  I’m not sure any team needs this guys unless they are already a dysfunctional team.  Okay, so the Oakland Raiders can sign him.  Fine.  But our Panthers should and will stay away.

What’s amazing is how every single free agent on the market suddenly is the next great thing – a guy their team should sign immediately.  Message boards light up with traffic as fans jump at the chance to discuss why the new free agent should be on their team’s roster.

The guy is a cancer.  My guess is that Dallas can win more games without him – and likely will.  And it pains me to say that.

Have you ever heard of addition by subraction?  Dallas does now.  And Carolina will be better off for not going after him.

And while I’m at it – just say no to Jason Taylor too!