Cat Crave Radio is back with Episode 56 Cat Crave Radio is back with Episode 56

CCR 56: Guest – Chris Harris & The Minter View


Cat Crave Radio is back with Episode 56!  Jake Delhomme and the team are working on a new, restructured deal while rules changes are afoot in the NFL.  John Fox also has a few thoughts on the ’09 season.  The off season sure sends us all scrambling for news, doesn’t it?

Who needs news when you have great guests?  This week, we were honored to have the chance to speak to Carolina Panthers safety Chris Harris.  Chris was pretty candid with us about his time in Chicago, his trade to the Panthers and his opportunity to face his old team.  Plus, we learn a thing or two about the hard-hitting safety.

Mike Minter is back with us this week making it an all-safety show.  The second installment of The Minter View covers the draft among other things.  We threw Mike a curve ball and sort of tripped him up.  It’s one heckuva moment.

Also, our old friend Nick Yeoman was back with us for The Great Debate.  Nothing like a good debate and this week, the topic was the team’s greatest need for this off season.

It’s a full show.  Check it out and feel free to comment below.  Thanks for listening!


Episode Fifty-Six: April 1, 2009

In Episode Fifty-Six…

  • News
  • Panther Profile – Kris Jenkins
  • Special Guest – Chris Harris
  • The Great Debate: Biggest Team Need – Nick Yeoman (Nick’s Video Blogs)
  • The Minter View with Mike Minter
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