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CCR 58: Guest Jonathan Stewart & The Minter View


We’re back with Episode 58 of Cat Crave Radio!  We are excited about this episode, and for good reason(s)!  First things first, there was actually news!  The Carolina Panthers had their 2009 schedule handed down to them by the league.

We decided to get all dramatic with the schedule release.  There was nothing else to talk about so we put some of our opponents on the spot and asked for some smack talk to motivate the team to kick them around a little next year.  Tim Redinger of Buffalow Down, Dan Zinski of The Viking Age, Dustin Staggers of The Pewter Plank and Sean McNally of Blogging Dirty all contributed some good bulletin board material.

Then we welcomed Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart to the show.  He’s been on vacation so it was especially nice of the team’s rising star to take some time to join us for this conversation.  It’s an interesting interview.

Mike Minter was back on board this week for another installment of The Minter View.  We talked about free agency and money.  Anybody who complains about player salaries should hear this one!

And our old friend Nick Yeoman threw some knowledge on all of us in The Great Debate.  This week’s question – “Is John Beason the Best Middle Linebacker in the NFL?”  I wonder if we’ll surprise anyone with our opinions?

It’s all in the show.  Take a listen and feel free to comment below, sports fans.


Episode Fifty-Eight: April 15, 2009

In Episode Fifty-Eight…

  • The 2009 Schedule
  • News
  • Panther Profile – Ken Lucas
  • Special Guest – Jonathan Stewart
  • The Great Debate: Jon Beason Best MLB in NFL? – Nick Yeoman (Nick’s Video Blogs)
  • The Minter View with Mike Minter
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