Who is Everette Brown?


I’m trying to picture the scene in the Carolina Panthers war room on Saturday.  There is Marty Hurney with John Fox seated next to him.  Ron Meeks has to be in there somewhere, or had we all forgotten about him?

Yes, it was Meeks who turned a guy from Alabama A&M into a heckuva good defensive end with the Colts Robert Mathis.  He also worked with one of the finest pass rushers in the NFL in Dwight Freeney.

We are left with the uncertainty of Julius Peppers situation.  With day one of the draft complete, and no deal done it’s pretty much official – either Peppers is on the field next season for the Panthers or he holds out.  The choice will be up to him and his agent, Carl Carey.

Enter, Everette Brown, the defensive end from Florida State after a draft-day deal that put Carolina at 43rd overall to select him.

They gave up a lot to get him but this could be a guy that could fit the bill.  Is he Robert Mathis?  Is he Dwight Freeney?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  But no NFL team (outside of Oakland, possibly) drafts a player without having plans for him.  Can Meeks turn him into the pass rusher that we need him to be?

According to several sources, Brown held a first-round draft grade at one point.  Check out some of the scouting reports we’ve provided.  This kid was ranked as high as number six on some overall value charts.

I’ll grant you that there will be no first-round pick for a second straight year but if he’s as good as some of these reports say he is, they may have pulled off a coup to get him.

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