CCR 61: Special Guest – Andrew Brandt


Cat Crave Radio has returned from our PC-crashing-induced absence.  Sorry about the problems and thank you for your patience!  Here we are with Episode 61 covering our Carolina Panthers!  Of course, we had the mini camp to talk about and more actual news.

This show also includes another Rant Or Rave.  For some reason I can never do one of these without ranting.  I never seem to be raving.

We welcomed a special guest this week – Andrew Brandt, a consultant for the Philadelphia Eagles and a writer for the National Football Post.  You just know I had to ask about the rumors that Julius Peppers has the Eagles on his wish list.  Andrew proved to be an excellent guest with some great insights.

Our old friend, Nick Yeoman, was unable to be with us due to some technical issues.  We’ll try to get this ironed out and get him back with us next week.  Be sure to check out his video blogs on You Tube.

We wrapped this one up with info from Peter King.  Yeah, he had the nerve to put out his power rankings so we had to answer him.  We also have a couple of very interesting clips from the talking heads.

Check it out and feel free to comment below.


Episode Sixty-One: May 13, 2009

In Episode Sixty-One…

  • News – Mini Camp
  • Rant Or Rave
  • Panther Profile – DeShaun Foster
  • Special Guest – Andrew Brandt (National Football Post)
  • Peter King and the Talking Heads

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