CCR 63: Special Guest – Jim Szoke


We are back once again with Episode 63 of Cat Crave Radio!  Could things be about to heat up for the Carolina Panthers with the start of summer school?  If not, at least there could be a little news to talk about.

Our special guest this week is Jim Szoke, the Sports Director at WBT Radio and the color commentator on all Carolina Panthers broadcasts.  We got him on the phone and talked about summer school and picked his brain a little on what the Panthers are capable of in ’09.

Nick Yeoman was unable to join us once again.  The gremlins just don’t want to move out.  We hope to have him back with us soon.  In the meantime, check out his video blogs on You Tube.

We threw in a Rant Or Rave this week for good measure (and to kill a little time too!).

It’s all in the show.  Check it out and feel free to comment below.


Episode Sixty-Three: May 27, 2009

In Episode Sixty-Three…

  • News
  • Rant Or Rave
  • Panther Profile – Todd Sauerbrun
  • Special Guest – Jim Szoke
  • More Talking Heads

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