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A Win-Win Situation, Don’t you think?


In the 2007 draft, I remember when Carolina drafted Dwayne Jarrett in the second round. That move, clearly, was a message from the front office to the team and Keyshawn Johnson. A few days later, Johnson was released.

During and after the 2008 draft, Jarrett certainly must have noticed that he’s received a similar message to what Keyshawn received. 6 words: Mike Goodson, Larry Beavers, Jamall Lee…And to add to the pressure, Ryne Robinson and Jason Carter are returning, and both have probably been sharpening their teeth over the past year by studying and focusing on the cerebral aspects of the game.

I wondered a lot last year why Jarrett did not get more playing time. It seemed, despite how sparingly he played, that every time he had a chance he made a catch for a 3rd down conversion. So, I don’t think athletic ability is the question. It’s more about how much has he been studying, and how often he’s been in the film room. Apparently, thus far, Jarrett’s studying and preparation has not been great, or else he’d be in a uniform more often.

This is a big year or bust for Jarrett. I have liked him from the get-go; but, for whatever reason Carolina has been stocking up on recievers and possible return guys, with Robinson and Carter on the roster.

There is a long list of Wide Recievers in Carolina now, and half of them won’t be active on game day. I have a strong feeling this list will get shaken up too. The list is exciting; and some will lose; but for Carolina, it appears to be win-win situation.

  1. Steve Smith
  2. Muhsin Muhammad
  3. Dwayne Jarrett
  4. Ryne Robinson
  5. Jason Carter
  6. Mike Goodson
  7. Larry Beavers