Cat Crave Radio is back!  Episode 66 Cat Crave Radio is back!  Episode 66

CCR 66: Guest – Ross Tucker & The Minter View


Cat Crave Radio is back!  Episode 66 is served up with the latest news and complete coverage of the Carolina Panthers.

This week, our special guest is Ross Tucker making a third visit with us.  Ross is turning into a regular for a few reasons – the guy knows his stuff and he consistently gives very good, honest, candid answers to our questions.  In this conversation, we cover injuries, John Fox, player accountability and more.  It’s a solid interview and definitely worth the listen.

Mike Minter was also with us for The Minter View.  Mike spoke with us about a few topics – Arizona, pregame rituals and pranks.  And listen carefully to the word association at the end.

We also threw in a Rant or Rave for good measure.  I’m still throwing stones at Brett Favre.

Our old friend Nick Yeoman was still prevented from being with us due to the glitches we’ve been having.  Be sure to stop in on him at You Tube.  He can be found by searching for Big Nick 2700.

It’s all in the latest episode.  Check it out and feel free to comment below.


Episode Sixty-Six: June 24, 2009

In Episode Sixty-Six…

  • News
  • Rant Or Rave – Julius Peppers vs. Brett Favre
  • Profile – Jon Beason
  • Special Guest – Ross Tucker (SI, Sirius Satellite Radio, Go Big Recruiting)
  • The Minter View with legendary Panther Mike Minter

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