Vick, I Believe You


CBS: 60 Minutes aired their interview with Michael Vick.  Should we believe?  Vick says that he was exposed to dogfighting at a very early age and all the people around him made it seem ok.  He also stated that he didn’t stop his friends from operating the business from his home.  Vick also said that he regretted everything that happened because he knew he could have put an end to the pain of those animals.  The biggest statement he made was “football doesn’t matter; the only thing that matters is those animals.”

Vick…I believe you!

I have seen Vick interviews in the past where his arrogance penetrated the camera.  This interview was different.  He truly seemed to be remorseful and his emotions were geniune.  The questions asked of him were tough and he didn’t flinch when he stated, “I was wrong.”

Vick’s future is unknown with the Philadelphia Eagles, but I know that if he stays the course that he is charting now, he will have a phenomenal second career in the NFL.  This new resolve and focus could be the ingredients that Michael Vick needs to become the person that all Vick fans have always wanted him to be!