10 Reasons Brett Favre Wants To Play Again


We all know by now that Brett Favre has decided to come back…again…to the NFL.  I’ve heard some people say that the NFL stands for “not for long”; well that is definitely true for Favre when talking retirement.

Here are my 10 reasons why Brett Favre wants to play again:

#10 – He got tired of hunting.

#9 – He wanted to make sure that no one could say he was a quitter.

#8 – A few million more couldn’t hurt the old bank account.

#7 – He was dying to wear purple (offsets green and yellow nicely).

#6 – Got tired of doing the “honey-do list”.

#5 – Wants to prove that he still has it.

#4 – Wants to ruin the dreams of another quarterback (sorry Travaris).

#3- Wants to set the record for most comebacks in the NFL.

#2 – He secretly always wanted to play in a dome.

and the #1 reason Brett Favre wanted to play again…..

So, he could play the Carolina Panthers.  See ya soon Favre!