Panthers Preseason Sleeper


Just like all other preseason games this game was a sleeper.  Why does the NFL do these borrrrriiiiinnnnngggg games.  Please take two of these games away.  I would rather see two preseason games and give the players one week off to heal up right before regular season starts.  But I’m sure this will not happen because they have to make their millions to pay these already overpaid players.  Okay, on to the preseason game review.

There were some bright spots in the Panthers close preseason loss:

Goodie goodie Goodson!  I think we have found a good return guy and running back.  Mike Goodson put some flashy moves on the Giants.

The secondary looked confident and didn’t hesitate to prevent the Giant receivers from catching the ball.

Jon Gruden talking about the “Wildcat formation” was priceless.  He loves that formation and believes that this formation will change the NFL this season.

DeAngelo Williams was the brightest star and this was no surprise.  Williams has proven that he is a class act and continues to show Panther fans that this season will be just as wonderful as last.

Now for a few things that really agitated me:

Challenges in preseason.  Why do we put ourselves through this crap.  It is already bad enough that we have to watch a game that means nothing.

Delhomme‘s horrible passes.  You would think that he would know how to throw the ball successfully by now….even in preseason.

Not seeing Kemoeatu on the field.  We are gonna miss him this year!

Not seeing Steve Smith.  This guy is mind-boggling and I never get tired of seeing him play this game.

Now for one thing that caught me funny:

When David Carr was in Charlotte he couldn’t stop looking in the mirror long enough to play the game.  I guess moving to NYC has toughened him up.  You go stud!