Preseason Boredom


Tell me that I am not the only one who is bored to death with preseason football.  The Carolina Panthers didn’t look to bad last night against the Miami Dolphins; however I wasn’t really paying attention.  Let’s face it; preseason doesn’t bring the excitement that regular season brings.

A typical Sunday during regular season brings some exciting variables around my house.  I usually get up on Sunday morning, check my email, eat breakfast; shower up, put on my Panther garb and then get ready for the game.  I watch the pregame shows while picking my spot in the living room to watch the game.  As the pregame shows end the coverage flips to the game.  The music plays and the commentators welcome us to the matchup.  There is just something about gameday.

So to help me relieve the boredom, let’s jump ahead and look at the Carolina Panthers first regular season matchup versus the Philadelphia Eagles.

Donovan McNabb and company come calling to the Queen city of Charlotte on September 13th at 1:00pm.  I’m sure the media attention will be on Michael Vick but that will be okay with me.  I really don’t care what Vick does because the odds of him playing in the game are slim.  I think we will be treated to the DeAngelo show and McNabb will play with his usual flare.  Who knows, maybe Everette Brown will get his first NFL sack on McNabb.  Another questionable player is Brian Westbrook.  The Eagles star tailback is coming off of ankle surgery and this could slow him down hitting his gaps and cutting back against the grain.  We can only hope that his recovery isn’t 100% successful for Game 1 at Bank of America Stadium.

The biggest prayer that could be answered would be Jonathan Stewart running out through the tunnel in full battle gear.  If Stewart can get some reps; the Eagles defense will have a hard time stopping the run.

We only have 21 days left until kickoff.  Everybody get your jerseys ready and stock up the fridge.  Are you ready for some football??

By the way, the Panthers lost in preseason game #2 against the Dolphins.  Final score:  Panthers 17, Dolphins 27