Watching NFC South Opponent Bucs


Tonight I decided to watch the preseason game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins.  I figured it was time to start checking out the opposition in the NFC South.  Just as I start watching the game they have a weather delay.  Lightning is popping and the Fox announcers are scrambling to fill time.  As I watched I realized that the bad weather is an omen for the Bucs.

The first position I examined for the Bucs was quarterback.  They have four currently on the roster:  Byron Leftwich, Luke McCown, Josh Freeman and Josh Johnson.  I’m not sure how the Bucs ended up with these guys, but it seems that the football gods are angry.  I don’t see a single guy at QB that is a legitimate starter.

Then I decided to look at the running back position.  This could be a bright spot for the Bucs with Derrick Ward and Cadillac Williams.  I got a feeling that Tampa Bay is going to be handing the ball off alot.

And finally I looked at the wide receiver position.  And I kept looking…and looking…and looking.  I couldn’t find any player that will make a huge difference.

So, I feel alot better about the Carolina Panthers long-time rivals and can go to bed with visions of another NFC South Championship trophy in the Panther locker room!  All I can say is good luck Bucs…you are going to need it.