OMG in Charlotte, NC


Preseason torture is officially over.  When I watch a preseason NFL game I sit and think about all the other things I could be doing besides watching a game where the teams don’t plan and the players could really care less (unless you are trying to make the team).

The most exciting part of last nights game was watching Goodson run the ball.  I flipped between the Panthers and the NC State/South Carolina game.  Wait…why was I watching NC State…I am a Tarheel fan?  Oh yeah, I was dying to see a game that mattered.  Either way, last night I was bored.  A sluggish defensive mood from the Panthers and no offense on the college front.  Between the two I was bored.

Now that the preseason is over we can start looking ahead to the first game.  In Week 1, the Carolina Panthers will be hosting the Philadelphia Eagles.  Luckily, we will not have to plan for Michael Vick.  The NFL Commissioner announced that Vick will not play until Week 3.  I guess the football gods are shining on us after all.  Ron Meeks and the Panther defense can now turn it loose and start “flying all over the field”.

We can wash away the memories of last year’s playoff loss to Arizona by taking the Eagles to the woodshed in Week 1.  Julius Peppers can turn on the turbo boosters and set the record for most sacks in a season.  DeAngelo Williams can run roughshod into the Eagles secondary.

The first game of the season is always exciting and hopeful.  As a Panther fan we can hope that our team plays at its highest level and gets us to the promise land.  We need to get back to the playoffs and show the world that we can win a Super Bowl.

As the first game approaches we will be looking at both sides of the ball and talking enough smack to anger all of our rivals in the NFC South.  It’s on like Donkey Kong!