Confessions of a Fantasy Freak


This year I thought I would draft two fantasy teams.  So I did.  Then I started thinking about all the other ways you could draft a fantasy team.  You could draft based off random draws or you could draft all players in the NFC or all players in the AFC.  Or you could draft a team based off drawing numbers lottery style (Ex.  Put numbers 1-10 in a bowl.  When your draft pick hits you pick a number out of the bowl.  Let’s say you are drafting a running back first and you draw the number three.  Then you have to count down three slots and take that running back.)

OMG.  Do you realize how many different ways you can create a fantasy team?  I mean really!!

The possibilities are endless.  I suddenly realized that my initial two fantasy teams had grown to 10 teams.  What have I become?  Have I become obsessed?  Is winning a fantasy league going to add any extra value to my life?

Ahh…who cares…this fantasy stuff is a lot of fun and gives me something to brag about later when I am running game on everyone else in my league.  Drafting these teams is so easy.  Checking fantasy sites for duds and studs, running mock drafts to make sure that my strategy isn’t flawed and reading articles by the “fantasy experts”…btw…how do you become a fantasy expert?  LOL

These fantasy teams also give me something to blog about and berate family members that are in the same fantasy league with me.  Wow…Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays will be a blast this year.  This is the first time our family has had a league.

So am I addicted?  Nope.  Hey I got to go.  I’ve got another fantasy draft starting in 10 minutes!!

P.S.  God can I please get first pick just one time.  Come on Adrian Peterson.  Come to Daddy!!!!