Beason Is A Beast


I just read Jon Beason’s Twitter update and let me say I wish all players thought the way Beason does.  Before I share with you what he said I want to compliment his ability to step-up and be a leader.  So….what did he say on Twitter:

Tweet:  They said it couldn’t been done, they said it wasn’t enough time…. Ha we’ll see in due time.

As all Panther fans know, Beason has been sidelined in the preseason with an injury.  He assured everyone that he would be ready for the first game against the Eagles.  I don’t know Beason personally, but every interview I have heard with him he exudes leadership.  He pushes himself harder than any coach ever will…guarantee that.  I think we will see Beason on the field Sunday ready to resume the roll of defensive captain.  Ha we’ll see in due time!