Beason’s Quick Heal Technique


As reported by writer Andrew Mason:

CHARLOTTE — Rehabilitating from a sprained knee in time to return to practice Wednesday was a 24-hour job for Jon Beason.  Even as he slept, he received treatment….Read entire article

Other Panther News:

Kenneth Moore has been tapped as the punt returner for the Cats with Captain Munnerlyn backing him up.  Nick Hayden and Damione Lewis will be the defensive tackles trying to fill the gaps and prevent teams from running the ball up the middle.

Perhaps the most exciting news was seeing Jonathan Stewart back on the practice field on Wednesday.  When interviewed by, Stewart put it best himself saying, “I feel pretty good.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to get that to a level to where I can carry more than three times in a row at game time. I’ve just got to work myself in at the right speed.”

Coach John Fox admitted that keeping Stewart out of the preseason was intentional.

The starting offensive lineup is no surprise.  To see the lineup go to the Depth Chart at!

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