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Panther Poem Response to Iggles


Tunstall decided to write a rhyme,

So I am responding in due time.

He says the Iggles will smack the black Cats,

But all of Panther nation knows better than that.

All Panther starters are back on the field,

Winning at home we aren’t willing to yield.

The Iggles better bring it defense and all,

‘Cause the Panthers will be playing “big boy” ball.

Giving the pigskin to Smash and Dash,

Is like working with the Donald guaranteed cash.

If the run stalls at all then we have a playmaker,

Steve Smith will be the win taker.

So I hope you Iggles are ready for some pain,

‘Cause the Panthers are more than ready to earn some big gains.

When all is said and done the lights are a dim,

The Panthers walk away with a 24-20 Win!!!

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