Falcons Peck Out Panthers Eyes


Well, this week was better than last, but we needed to walk away with a win and it didn’t happen.  The Atlanta Falcons bested the Carolina Panthers on defense.  Defense was the difference in the game.  I stated last week that our special teams needed to play better and again today they made silly mistakes.

Today I decided to let someone else breakdown the game.  Allyson Dalton will be contributing articles to CatCrave.com and here is her assessment of today’s game:

Where Was the Defense?

Thumbs up for Jake Delhomme today 25/41, 308 yds, 1 TD and a INT very good come back this week. The offense was good today except for the lost fumbles that came from DeAngelo Williams in the 2nd half that resulted in a Falcons touchdown. But the biggest news that came out of this game was the defense. WHERE WAS THE DEFENSE, were they sitting at home watching the game the  same as me or were they playing. The only good thing the defense did get was an interception thanks to Richard Marshall. The defense played like the offense last week. All I know is that the defense better work very hard this week during practice, or they will be looking at a (0-3) record and the Cowboys offensive lineman running over them . We could have had a chance of winning this game if the defense were not on the field so much trying to hold Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense on the field. What a good job they did of doing that. Giving up 105 yards to Michael Turner. Next Monday night we will be playing the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas, and my wish is that Carolina don’t get embarrassed on national TV. My advice this week is to the whole team, learn from your mistakes and correct them, don’t let the Cowboys run over you, keep with the running game, and Jake keep moving forward don’t go backwards.

Look for more to come from Allyson Dalton.

The Panthers have to find their rhythm and find their defense.  If the defense doesn’t get better immediately it will be a very long season.  Let’s go Panthers…wake up!!!