Off to the Big D


The Carolina Panthers are rolling into Dallas tomorrow night to take on the team with the billion dollar stadium.  Can I just say…I couldn’t give a rat’s butt how much their stadium cost.  I know Jerry Jones is happy with his new baby.  The king of marketing will sit on his throne and watch his minions play in his new palace.  I’ve never been wild about the Cowboys and never will be.

Before I started following the Panthers I was a die-hard Redskins fan (explains my hatred for the Cowgirls).  This year is tough on me mentally.  I figured that if the Panthers did bad then the Skins would do better.  But that is a dream.  I never thought both of the teams I follow would be having a terrible season thus far.

I digress.  The Panthers should be ready to do something big.  They will be in the state that does everything BIG.  Hopefully some of that will rub off on Carolina.  Come on Panthers…get out on the “field of dreams” and kick some Dallas arse.  Please…I’m begging…do me this favor!