Break Out The Shovels


If you are a fan of the Carolina Panthers go ahead and break out your shovel because this team is six feet under.  The game against the Cowboys on Monday Night Football was a pathetic attempt to play the game.  Where do you start?  Do you throw all the dirt on the defense or the offense or the coaching or the…you get the idea.  Let’s start with the defense.

The Panthers defense is a shell of what it once was.  The only fire on the field last night was Jon Beason and Thomas Davis.  The rest of the defense might as well go ahead and stay at the house.  There is no passion or drive on the defensive side of the ball.  Julius Peppers is floating through the season, collecting his million-dollar-a-game check and pretending like he cares about the game of football.  After this season the Panthers need to go ahead and trade him to get any value out of him that is left.  Charles Godfrey looked disoriented and disengaged.  When he did finally tackle somebody it was after the whistle had blown and he was penalized.  Stupid!

The offense was a little better but not much.  Jake Delhomme threw some questionable passes.  Jeff Davidson, the offensive coordinator needs to realize that when running the ball gains you an average of six yards per carry you might want to consider giving the ball to Williams again and again and again.  Muhsin Muhammad didn’t look back for the ball when Delhomme passed it to him on a comeback route.  Steve Smith was double covered all night which leads to an interesting point.  If Smith is double covered that means somebody else is open.  DUHHHHH!!!

The coaching staff needs to be evaluated.  This team is playing like they have no respect for the coaching staff.  The fire is gone.  The tired “it is what it is” statements by John Fox are old and worn.  We need a fresh start.  I don’t care what it takes to get this team going again, but somebody needs to be fired.  What is really interesting is how the team is reflecting ownership and leadership of the organization.  The Richardson boys resign and the team goes into the crapper the same season.  This is not a coincidence.  Wake up people.  There are some major issues in the Panther organization.

Let’s bring in a head coach that has fire and resolve.  Look at what the 49ers and Jets are doing now that they have a coach who cares about winning and leadership.  Don’t get me wrong, John Fox is a great coach, but his time in the Carolinas is up.  The Panthers need a house cleaning from management all the way down to the janitor.  Enough said!