Back In Action


I know we haven’t updated the blog in a few days.  I figured if Julius Peppers could get a million per game and not show up to play then we could take a few days, cool off and get things back into perspective.  We can only hope that Pep does the same.

So what has happened in the off week with the Panthers?

A. J. Feeley has been feverishly working to learn the Panther schemes and playbook.  He has been burning the midnight oil so if needed he can hit the field effectively.  At least somebody is working hard (hint..Peppers)

Mike Goodson is sitting out this week due to a concussion suffered in the last game against the Cowboys.  We hope he mends up quick so he can continue to develop and contribute to special teams play (contribute is a word that Peppers doesn’t know the meaning of)

Pink was everywhere last weekend in the NFL and will continue this weekend promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  You can buy NFL gear in support of this very important issue.  Two Panther players have had personal experiences with cancer in their families.  Muhsin Mohammad and DeAngelo Williams knows what it is like to have loved ones deal with cancer.  Please do what you can to help stomp out cancer from our world.

Defensive tackle Hollis Thomas is expected to add experience and results immediately for the Panthers.  The organization has been burning through defensive tackles this year and hopes that this will be the last addition at that position for the season.

The Carolina Panthers will be facing the Washington Redskins at Bank of America Stadium this Sunday at 1pm.  This is a must win game for the Panthers.  If the Panthers don’t win they can start looking to next season.  When a NFL team starts off 0-4 the odds are against them making the playoffs.  Let’s hope that the Panthers can get on a winning streak.  The next three games should be wins for the Panthers considering the Redskins are at (2-2), Tampa Bay is at (0-4) and Buffalo sits at (1-3).  Time has come to turn up the heat and get this season going in a more positive direction!