Jake The Joke


What can we say about yesterday?  Nothing.  As a Panther fan I am totally exhausted with Jake Delhomme

The Panther front office needs to really look hard at this mess they have created.

I watch Brett Favre, Drew Brees, and Tom Brady and realize that our quarterback isn’t even close.  We need to start making moves now to get a solid young quarterback in the draft.  If we go the rest of this season with Jake tossing the ball to the opposition Panther fans will stop going to the games. 

I have a friend who has already told me that he has sold all his season tickets to someone else because he can’t stand to watch Delhomme anymore.

When fans start getting rid of tickets to avoid the pain, the Panthers are losing their faithful fan base.  This situation will only get worse before it gets better.  The Panthers don’t have a quality backup, either.  I guess we can sit back and watch the rest of our season go to the crapper.

I will say that Julius Peppers has improved in the past two weeks.  I guess Jon Beason put a fire under his arse.

All Panther fans need to let the front office in Charlotte know how you feel.  I have held my tongue and tried to be supportive but I can’t take it anymore.  We have quality players that are being mismanaged and a quarterback that is past his prime.