Feeling Blue ?


I just can’t believe that we gave the New Orleans Saints their eighth win this season. I don’t understand how you can hold the Saints offense to six points in the first half and let them score the next twenty-four points with us only scoring three points in the second half.

Jake Delhomme was 17/30 with 201 yards, DeAngelo Williams had a big game with 149 yards and two touchdowns, Tyrell Sutton who got the start today had 15 yards, and Steve Smith had 64 yards with the big catch in the fourth quarter. But the defense had a fabulous game except they gave up twenty points in the second half. Tyler Brayton had a sack and force fumble, along with Jon Beason’s fumble recover, and Chris Gamble interception returned for 41 yards.

If we can have everyone healthy and play makers step-up, we can probably give teams a run for their money or at least win. All I know is when I look at the Carolina Panthers schedule; I don’t like what I see. We have some tough games coming up with the Falcons, Dolphins at home then head to New York to the Jets, back home to host the Buccaneers, and then to the New England Patriots, home to the Minnesota Vikings, at the Giants, then back home to face the Saints. Hope we can make it!

My advice this week is to the coaching staff.  I know that you want to play it safe but the whole game? Sticking with the running game was fine but when we need it, we need to throw the ball, especially on the third down conversion, which would have kept us in the game. To the whole team don’t feel like you didn’t do well, you did, it was the play calling that could have been better.

By: Allyson Dalton