Carolina Panthers Pro Bowl Post Game


I swore I wouldn’t watch the Pro Bowl this year, but when I read that the panthers had two more players–Ryan Kalil and Jon Beason–being added into the Pro Bowl roster, I felt this might be worth watching.

I know; favoritism, favoritism, favoritism. Panthers blinders, rose-colored lenses, and the other adjective that describes my Panthers fandom–biased. What do you expect? I write an all-Panthers blog.

Anyway, it was a pretty entertaining game this evening, and against my stubborn will, I was glad I watched the game.

Given that anyone of the players from the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints weren’t able to participate in the game, I was still impressed with some of the replacements. And some of the starters really blew me away.

In my local market, I am mainly only able to see the New York Jets, GiantsPhiladelphia Eagles, and whatever team might be playing against them on any given Sunday, so I don’t get to see players like Maurice Jones-Drew, Chris Johnson, or Miles Austin (to name a few) on a regular basis.

I was very impressed with those guys, and even Tony Romo impressed me. As a hater of the Dallas Cowboys, that’s a mouthful. Even though this was an exhibition game of sorts, it was still fun to watch and see a mixture of some of the best players and most popular players as well.

Now, to talk a little bit about the four players who represented the Carolina Panthers in Sunday night’s game: DeAngelo Williams, Julius Peppers, Ryan Kalil, and Jon Beason–a solid corps of players.

DeAngelo Williams, who was selected to the first Pro Bowl of his career, had a nice night. He had a few good runs, and also scored a touchdown on a quick seven-yard scamper to the endzone. The handoff was from Tony Romo.

Linebacker Jon Beason, who wasn’t voted into the Pro Bowl but was brought in as a replacement, also looked good.

I can’t say much about Ryan Kalil, since generally speaking an offensive lineman is rarely if ever singled out in a discussion. However, Kalil and the NFC offensive line did a good job of protecting the NFC quarterbacks Sunday night, as well.

Last but certainly not least, Julius Peppers was seen a few times wreaking havoc in spurts when he had the opportunity to. I believe he had one quarterback hurry and he made a tackle on one of the AFC running backs–either Ray Rice or Maurice Jones-Drew.

It was a good night for the four panthers who were in attendance at the 2010 Pro Bowl, and we’ll see what next year’s Pro Bowl class brings.