2010 NFL Mock Draft

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Configured By: Eric Quackenbush

The official draft order has been used and the NFL Mocks Big Board was used to reference player rankings.

Pick Team Player Selected Player’s Position Player’s School Analysis
1. Gerald McCoy Defensive Tackle Oklahoma Even though it will be tempting for the Rams to go with the franchise QB (Clausen), the secure route is with McCoy.
2. Ndamukong Suh Defensive Tackle Nebraska
While the Lions biggest need would be an offensive lineman, I see them going with another pressing need, DT. The DT and LT positions are the biggest needs for the Lions going into this year’s draft. With the better performance from the offense in ’09, look for the Lions to draft more for the defensive side.
3. Eric Berry
Safety Tennessee The Buccaneers’ defensive secondary has seen some success with players Aqib Talib and Sabby Piscitelli. Berry can make this good secondary even better. Add to that, Jermaine Phillips’ arrest and domestic battery charge.
4. Jimmy Clausen
Quarterback Notre Dame Jason Campbell is a free agent and Jim Zorn is gone. Mike Shanahan will draft his franchise QB.
5. Russell Okung Offensive Tackle Oklahoma State Branden Albert has not been the answer at left tackle. Drafting Okung will give KC a stud left tackle and allow Albert to move to either right tackle (where he’s a better fit) or guard.
6. C.J. Spiller
Running Back
Ever since the Seahawks lost Shaun Alexander, their running game has been mediocre at best.
7. Charles Brown
Offensive Tackle
Southern Cal
Since the Browns finished their season with four wins, they should give Brady Quinn another shot. But it would be good for the Browns to sure up their offensive line some.
8. Taylor Mays Free Safety Southern Cal
Al Davis, the kook that he is, loves athletic defensive backs. No way does he pass up an athletic freak like Mays.
9. Sam Bradford Quarterback Oklahoma I haven’t been happy with the quarterback position in Buffalo the last couple of years, and I’m not even a Bills fan.
Rolando McClain Linebacker Alabama Denver needs a solid linebacker next to D.J. Williams. Rolando McClain is the best ILB in the draft…Maybe Josh McDaniels should also get his Napoleon Complex checked before he benches his best offensive player on the eve of a game that would have gotten them into the playoffs.
11. Tim Tebow Quarterback Florida
Make note…The Jags owner WANTS Tebow, and rumors have been consistent that he will land in Jacksonville for over a month. David Garrard is an average-at-best quarterback. Tim Tebow needs some work to transition from the college ranks to the NFL. In the meantime, this move will help the Jaguars’ ticket sales.
12. Dez Bryant Wide Receiver Oklahoma State
Chad Henne has shown a lot of promise as a passer for the Dolphins, but he lacks a true No. 1 wide reeciver. Bryant has the size, hands, and explosion to be a No. 1 receiver in the NFL.
13. Trent Williams Offensive Tackle
Oklahoma Improving the offensive line will lead to better performance from the quarterback.

(DEN) Bruce Campbell Offensive Tackle Maryland Seattle’s left tackle position is in trouble. Walter Jones’ career could be done, and Sean Locklear is more of a right tackle than left.
15. Dan Williams Defensive Tackle Tennessee If Williams is still on the board when it’s time for the Giants to make their pick, you can be sure he will be selected in record time.
(CAR) Joe Haden Cornerback Florida Joe Haden, touted as the best shutdown CB prospect in three years, is said to resemble the Jet’s Darelle Revis.