New Orleans Saints Vs. Indianapolis Colts: Super Hopes in the Game of XLIV


It is the 44th year of the Super Bowl, an event that has been dubbed by many as the greatest and most anticipated sporting event of American sports…Sorry baseball, while I love you very much it’s football’s time in the spotlight.

As I’ve said in a prior post, my team is no longer in the race. Their train derailed awhile back.

Before I get started on what I’m going to write about, I do have a funny-ish story–it was funny to me, anyway. Just to warn you, this really has little-to-no relevancy on the topic at hand otherwise.

Friday night I was at my neighbor’s house hanging out in the garage, tipping a few beers, and awaiting the snowstorm…You know, the one that blanketed the eastern seaboard from North Carolina through New York.

Anyway, I am still representing my Panthers. I’m not too proud to be heckled, nor am I overly ashamed with the Panthers. Is there room for improvement? Absolutely.

So there was a dude there–a friend of my neighbor’s, who informed me that he will not be watching the Super Bowl, because he can’t stand either team.

I responded, saying “Sigh,” (I made the “sighing” sound), and said (while wearing my Panthers jacket) “well, I’ll definitely watch it. It’s the last game of the season–even more so since they had to change the Pro Bowl to last weekend (don’t you wish there was one more week to go before it’s so over?)–and I…”

“What do you care? It’s not like the Panthers are in the Super Bowl, they suck” he interrupted.

Being that I live in New Jersey, I figured he has got to be a fan of one of three teams: Eagles, Giants, or Jets. So, I winged it–add to the fact I love antagonizing Giants fans.

“Well, we took the Giants’ ass out of contention, so there’s one less team of prima-donnas going.”

No response. He tipped his glass up and decided it was time to go home. I chuckled and left shortly thereafter, as it was getting rather late.

Okay, so anyway, I’m supposed to be contributing something about Sunday’s matchup of what I consider the two best offenses in the league this year.

No sour grapes from me. Both the Colts and Saints earned their way to this game, and denying them of that and giving them their respect, really takes away from the sport as a spectator.

Am I happy the Panthers aren’t there? No.

If they were, would I be confident in their ability to win? Not really.

But these two teams were both 13-0 at one point in 2009, and that is somthing special. That’s something that has never been accomplished in the history of the NFL by two teams in the same season.

It was at or about that time (Week 11, I believe) that I said my Super Bowl favorites are the Colts and Saints. Two teams that are still undefeated, and there is nothing more that I would love to see than both teams still be undefeated and one comes out with the perfect season. Well, that’s not happening now for obvious reasons, but there is still a little bit of history involved in this game, as it’s the first time two No. 1 teams faced each other in the Super Bowl.

Not bad!

Lately I’ve taken ridicule for saying that I want the Saints to win. My father, (a Giants fan), is going with the Colts. After first swearing off that he’d watch the Super Bowl and hates the Manning family’s guts (I believe alcohol was involved), he later said “Peyton all the way.” Which is cool, because I have a lot of respect for Peyton and what he’s achieved as an NFL quarterback.

I also have a lot of respect for where the Colts are and how hard they’ve worked to get there.

I’ve also taken criticism from fellow Panthers fans, who say it’s not right that I root for an inner-division rival.

“Why?” I ask. What have the Panthers to gain or lose since they’ll be watching from their couches (as will 28 other NFL teams)? I mean, we all actually have something in common with professional athletes of 30 NFL teams right now: We’ll all be watching the game on TV.

So, since I like to see the NFC teams win, since there is a team within my division that earned the right to play in the Super Bowl, and since my own team just couldn’t get it’s act together soon enough (for various reasons), I’m going to pull for the underdog in this fight (sorry, the Michael Vick joke was not intended).

Does that make me a traitor to my team? Should I label myself or be labeled Benedict Arnold? Because in the end, it is just a game. Even more so for the spectators. Especially at this point of the season–post season. Even if you don’t believe it is. It is.

Yes, there is a certain amount of pride involved. I am a little jealous (human nature) of Saints fans, but I can’t take anything away from New Orleans. The fans and their team have proven themselves worthy of being in the big game.

I will be wearing my Panthers jersey tomorrow night (fool-hearty, yes), and drinking some Yuengling beer (Pennsy’s finest and oldest). But for one night I’ll have a reason to say “Who Dat?” And perhaps at the end, I may be privileged to add onto it, “who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints!”

In the comments section below, please share what your Super plans are for tomorrow’s game! Party’s, whatever it may be…Nothing even? And which team will you be pulling for? Er…would you like to see win if you’re too proud to pull for any team but yours?

Enjoy the game everyone, and good luck to the Saints (and the Colts). In the end, the two best teams are in the Super Bowl.