Chris ‘Hitman’ Harris Wants to Follow You!


On Sunday night, while cruising around Facebook–interesting, right?…yeah–I discovered the official Chris Harris fan page.

Today (Monday), I decided to check it out again and see if he had responded to any of my messages, as well as to see if he had updated his status since last night.

The result surprised me. Yes, he had updated his status, but that wasn’t the part that surprised me. What he had to say, did.

"I’m looking for some Panthers fans to follow here on Facebook. Y’all have any buddies to recommend to me? If you do, throw a link to their profile in the comments…"

Sweet! So I started out by saying, “I am a HUGE Panthers fan. Also the lead blogger for the Panthers at Cat Crave. I’d be honored if you follow me, Chris!”

I felt like such a girl after submitting that comment, and then realized that I also failed miserably to follow the directions: “Y’all have any buddies to recommend to me? Throw a link to their profile in the comments…”

So I went back and made a new reply, where I said “I need to learn to follow directions, lol.” I then proceeded to enter in a couple of my buddies’ links, and put mine in last. I also made a note to Harris, saying “this last one is a bit self-serving, yes.”

So if you haven’t become a fan of Harris’s on Facebook already, then you need to! And if you haven’t requested that he follow you, then you need to do that, too. Also, be sure to include a couple of your Panthers fan friends whom you recommend he follow.

And one more thing, Mr. Harris has respectfully–later forcibly–requested that you don’t spam his page with “Facebook Foolery,” i.e. Farmville stuff, Fishtown, Mafia Wars, and gifts stuff, otherwise he will delete you from his fan page, and will likely stop following you, as well. But all you readers here are the best, and I know you won’t give him that problem.