McNabb-to-Carolina? Why?!


ESPN’s (Extra Sensory Perception Network) Pat Yasinskas respoded to a reader’s comment with this on Feb. 15, in regard to a trade of McNabb-to-Carolina probability.

While trade “talks” of quarterback Kevin Kolb-to-Cleveland mount in Philly, it seems more and more likely that McNabb will stay in the City of Brotherly Love, at least for one more year.

But who’s to say for certain? I’m only going by what I read and hear, and with every report that comes across the wire, the next guy has a report that contradicts the one before him.

At any rate, the idea seems to be that the Panthers could decide to franchise Julius Peppers, and—tongue-in-cheek—assuming that the Eagles would pick up Pep’s $20 million salary cap for 2010, make a trade to get McNabb from Philly as he is “a sure thing at quarterback.”

A sure thing? What makes him a sure thing? What about the NFL is a sure thing right now, or ever?

There is no new Collective Bargaining Agreement in place; McNabb plays a West Coast style of offense, which the Panthers clearly do not, and the Panthers need a long-term solution. At McNabb’s age, he is nothing more than a temporary fix.

I did like the idea of McNabb in Carolina a month ago. But then he lost my confidence in him during the Pro Bowl. Which I know, is nothing more than a glorified exposition game, but come on! There was barely any pressure on him from the defense, he wasn’t being blitzed, and he could barely complete a pass while he was in the game!

Oh that’s right, I forgot. Donovan isn’t comfortable with being taken out of a rhythm.

Is McNabb a better quarterback than Jake Delhomme? Statistically, yes. But in my mind’s eye, this team is led by Matt Moore now; at least until he can prove otherwise, or be outperformed by another quarterback.

And who’s going to be the starting quarterback for the Eagles, if Kevin Kolb is being linked in trade rumors to Cleveland? Michael Vick?

This whole thing makes no sense. ‘Tis the usual ESPN hype around nothing.

In the end, I don’t see this trade happening. If the Panthers were to franchise Peppers, then in a trade they will want draft picks. Not players. In a time of uncertainty, Carolina and owner Jerry Richardson will look to build for the future of the franchise and post-2011.

I also can’t imagine the Eagles will want to pick up Peppers’ $20 million salary for the 2010 season, especially given that he shows up sporadically in games.

Richardson is not the type of man who only wants to keep Carolina competitive in the NFL, as much as he wants to allow all teams to remain competitive with each other.

I think we are more likely to see the Panthers allow Peppers to walk, than risk franchising him and eating his salary again in 2010.

Will his game-changing performances be missed? Yes, but for the amount of times he was pushed around and disappeared in games, not really.

Will McNabb be a Panther in 2010? I find it highly unlikely.