Thomas Davis’ Future Could Hinge on Monday’s Test Run


Thomas Davis, whose rookie contract has expired, is on the verge of either becoming a tendered restricted free agent, or eventually receiving a contract extension.

As we remember, Davis suffered a torn ACL in November, at the New Orleans Saints.

On Monday, he will run on grass, testing the ligament he had surgically repaired. The results of that test, will be a large factor in whether the Panthers decide to tender him at the highest level—$3.268 million—which would require any team to give the Panthers a first- and third-round pick as compensation, or to tender Davis at $2.621 million for the first-round level only.

In 2009, Davis had a solid performance, playing in only seven games before suffering injury. He racked up 71 tackles (48 solo), one-and-a-half sacks, five passes defensed, and two interceptions.

Davis was flourishing in the Panthers new Tampa-2 defense, which tends to favor the weakside linebacker.

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