Michael Vick Targets Panthers as His No. 1 Choice


Uh, yeah…really?

You’re going to love his reasons behind why he lists Carolina as his main preference to play for.

On Tuesday, the Charlotte Oberver’s Charles Chandler reported that Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Michael Vick said on a weekend radio appearance, that if he could choose to play for any team in the NFL, it would be the Carolina Panthers.

I’m going to make you read all of this to find out why he said he would love to play for Carolina. At the end, there will be a YouTube video where at about the 7:40 mark, Vick states where he wants to play football in 2010.

I have a bad feeling about this one, folks. And I hope my gut feeling is more in response to that murder burger from Checkers I had a little while ago, and not a telling sign of things to come.

We all know our status at the quarterback position is two things: uncertain and washed up. Jake Delhomme being of the latter mentioned.

Throw Vick into the mix, and it really does nothing to bolster the needs at quarterback position. Hypothetically, given a choice between the two, I’d rather the Panthers trade for McNabb than Vick. At the same time, I should be careful what I wish for, because I really have no desire to have either person on this team.

Philadelphia was the team that re-introduced Vick back into the NFL. A move that I didn’t…couldn’t see the Eagles making, a mere two weeks before they pulled the trigger, which is probably where this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach is coming from. Because once again, this is a team that I can’t see bringing this individual onto the team.

Why? Because he’s not an upgrade. He’s not even worth being considered a No. 2 option at the position.

So, I’ll leave you with that, and we’ll see what develops in Carolina. Prepare to be shocked if the Panthers do make a move on Vick, though I say the chances of McNabb-to-Carolina are far greater, and even then not so much.

Now that you’ve read through that, here are the reasons Vick stated he wants to be a Panther in 2010.

"“Well, you know, it’s close to  home. I like the uniforms. You get to play against Atlanta twice a year. Ain’t nothing better than playing against your former team, right? So, yeah, that would be a good look, it would be a good look.”"

Great reason to become a Panther… “I like the uniforms.” Man, that’s really going to convince the Panthers to take a risk on him. I think he just may have found the key to Jerry Richardson’s heart…Not last year, and certainly not again this year, will Carolina entertain bringing in this clown.